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Hey, girl!

I'm Shiree ( Ree)

I'm a full time Digital Nomad and a Virtual Assistant Sales coach. I have been travelling full time for almost 6 years and my mission is to help over 1,000 millennial women like you, start your online Virtual Assistant business & land clients, so that you can travel more and work less.


If you're wanting to become your

 own boss and have more flexibility to live the life that you desire but don't know where to start, then you're in the right place, girl!


But the real question is, are you ready?


Chitara Smith

Tech Assistant

¨In the first month I made more money with my contracts than what I made 40 hours a week working at my job¨

I couldn't give a more glowing review of the SAF coaching program. First, the ROI on this course is incredible. In the first month I made more money with my contracts than what I made 40 hours a week working at my job. I signed up for the coaching program during the pandemic when money was tight but I just knew this would change everything so I took the leap. I am so sooooo glad I did. Second, Shiree has such a clear, well planned course. Each section is filled with so much amazing knowledge presented in several different ways so that it really sticks. I think the most valuable part was our weekly skype call presentations. I felt so supported, she was so genuine and took a real interest in my success. It's not a get rich quick scheme but it will definitely set you on the path of location independent money making success. 


Wanting to start Freelancing but not knowing where or how to start, Shiree was the solution to all my problems. Through SAF coaching, not only was I able to get multiple exclusive leads, I was also able to learn how to use my skills and package them as on going long term services. In addition to this, I learned how to negotiate and be a great online professional. All in all, Shiree is amazing and due to her, I am now able to confidently embark on a fruitful freelancing journey!



Working with Shiree really opened up a new world for me. She showed me how to get new clients and how to set myself up for success. Getting into freelancing can be tricky but after my time with her I feel more confident about the whole thing. Knowing how to sell yourself is as important as delivering a good service


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