What is SAF Coaching?

SAF Coaching is an online service to help you maximize your chances of finding an online job.


Our Mission

Our mission is very clear and simple; We want you to join the tens of thousands of digital nomads world wide and reap the benefits of working anywhere in the world.Believe it or not you don't need to have a bachelors degree, be a business owner or have years of experience to find your online career.

SAF Coaching will be providing you with:

Exclusive Job Leads

All of the top digital nomad sites that pay hourly

The top 20 wanted job roles online

Training into a specific field

How to generate your own job leads so there is no competition

How to Juggle different projects effectively

How to stand out from your competition

Advice on the smaller things such as invoices,business numbers ect.

Plus much much more

Shiree has an amazing insight into how to set yourself up professionally online. She has exceptional ability to connect you with and set up an online lifestyle quickly, which gave me great reassurances about transitioning into this style of living. You be amazed at the opportunities that will arise with Shiree on your team.
— Glenn Chivers